Thursday, November 1, 2018

Academy Massage Therapy gift cards
-   help for the holiday gift gap

Oh my goodness! What to do? What to do?

Is that the little voice inside our heads - as each day lurches closer to the holidays? Sometimes we probably can’t even find the stop button for that little tune.

In fact, the shopping solution is actually right here.

It’s the Academy Massage Therapy gift card!

Available for purchase in any denomination at the front counter, and a sweet solution with many applications:

  • the newspaper delivery person - who clambers over snow drifts in the winter, and jumps over puddles in the summer

  • the neighbour who helps you with the yard work - taking care of the lawn and trimming, the snow and ice

  • the vet - who listens, strategizes, encourages and heals Harry, the cat

  • the garage mechanic - head under the car, ear under the hood, greasy hands and a big smile when the job is done

  • the gym coach - who believes, persists and prods, when all you want to do is to plop to the ground

  • your kid’s teacher - a thank you for the patience, guidance, thoughtful comments, classroom lessons, after school activities, piles of pages corrected and lesson prep

  • the health care worker - who daily pops in on your mom with a cheery smile, and slice of just-baked banana loaf for her to sample

  • the health care professional - whose medical intervention means that you have breath, sight, hearing, life - and the ability to do your own version of the two-step at the family social

  • the kids - always tearing about with not a minute to spare, and not a second to stop

  • your partner - your best friend, your relationship, the most important person in your life. Gift cards can cover single or couple massage therapy choices.

“I like to think of the Academy Massage Therapy gift card as a gift of true caring and thoughtfulness,” said Academy Massage owner, Debby MacKenzie. “It’s essentially wellness in a box.”

Purchase options are up to you - choose from a single massage or a regime of massage appointments which span the course of a year, and everything in between.

“Our gift cards really do say - ‘Wishing you well!’,” Debby noted.

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