Friday, December 18, 2015

Podiatry and the Benefits of Massage

Podiatry and the Benefits of Massage - Academy Massage - Massage Therapist WinnipegIs there anything more relaxing... or invigorating as a foot massage? Yet overall when we consider the health of our bodies, our feet are usually the most ignored. Without proper foot care, our mobility would be severely hindered and even simple standing could become a chore. Usually, we don't address these issues until a problem occurs.

At Academy Massage, the proper care of your feet is every bit as important as treating muscle and joint problems that may affect other parts of the body. What is interesting is that scientific evidence has proven benefits of massage beyond relieving foot pain and discomfort. These include relieving stress and fatigue, reducing blood pressure, lessening the severity of migraine headaches, aiding with depression, and helping to alleviate symptoms of menopause and PMS in women. As well, regular foot massage is believed to improve symptoms in people with multiple sclerosis.

Massage has long been used to effectively aid healing, improve circulation, reduce pain, decrease swelling, increase range of motion, extend endurance, normalize gait, nourish skin and break up scar tissue. Combined, these benefits bring about improved posture, balance and confidence. In addition, patients dealing with plantar fasciitis — the most common cause of heel pain — can find relief through an inexpensive, non-invasive and painless treatment in place of physical therapy through massage.

To keep yourself in step and balance Academy Massage invites you to schedule an appointment with one of our qualified therapists to experience the total effect of a pampering and healthful foot massage.

Friday, December 11, 2015

This Holiday Season, Give the Gift of Massage

Happy Holidays from Academy Massage - Academy Massage - Massage Therapist Winnipeg
As we approach another Holiday Season, to many Manitobans the question remains as always: Does the countdown to Christmas bring us joy - or does it lead to bouts of stress? Do we experience pleasure or do we find ourselves engrossed in frantic and frenetic chaos? Once again many of us are faced with bravely venturing forward into crowded and congested stores and shopping malls, struggling not only with trying to maneuver our way through an endless parade of like-minded consumers, oblivious to the Yuletide music piped throughout the shopping environment intended to keep us geared in the spirit of the season - but often plagued with indecision over what Christmas gift to purchase for that someone on your list never easy to please, be he/she family, friend or even co-worker. Let's face it; gift buying on a whim is rarely easy. In fact, it can become a downright chore. How many more socks, neckties and Chia Pets can one possibly receive, let alone accept with genuine appreciation? And how much more money and motivation must be spent, just to get this yearly task out of the way?

Fortunately, there is a solution, one that will free you both from the strain and frustration of traditional shopping while still providing the gift that everyone can value and appreciate: The gift of health and well-being.

Academy Massage offers affordable gift cards available in denominations of $50 or $100, the perfect gift or stocking stuffer alternative for that someone hard to buy for but who would benefit from some "me-time." A full-body massage is perfect for anyone who is experiencing aches, pain or pressure - or just for someone who might welcome a little pampering, especially at this hectic time of year. A deep, relaxing professional massage will help to energize the body, stimulate strained or weakened joints and muscles, while effectively eliminating stress and tension and help you recover from the hustle and bustle of the holidays. We offer various massage techniques and a consultation with one of our massage therapists will help to determine which one is best.

Academy Massage gift cards can also be used to purchase a wide array of carefully selected specialty products. These include professional grade oils and lotions to relax and soothe. As well, we offer items to help enhance health and benefit your overall physical and emotional well-being. These products can be checked out on our website.

For your convenience gift cards can also be ordered and sent by mail. We accept all major credit cards.

Academy Massage again reminds you that gift cards are not just reserved for Christmas. They are available year 'round for special occasions where you want to show that you care about that most special commodity that concerns each of us: Our health.

As the year nears its close, the staff at Academy Massage again wants to wish you a very Merry Christmas and Happy, Healthy and Prosperous New Year.