Friday, June 16, 2017

5 Ways to Use That Post-Massage Feeling to Your Advantage

Scheduling a massage is a wonderful way in which to feel relaxed. For many people, the only way to de-stress is to have a massage, so keeping that post-massage feeling is a must. By learning how to let the feeling linger after your massage, you will be able to maintain a relaxed sensation, continuing to float on air and just feel good overall. If you enjoy a deep tissue massage, you will feel relaxed after but you may also become sore if you do not know how to prevent the soreness from setting in. Below are five ways to use the post-massage feeling to your advantage.

Schedule Appropriately

To ensure your massage feeling lasts a long time, be sure to schedule your massage appropriately. You want to schedule your massage for a time when you will have nothing to do afterward. Of course, planning one during your lunch break is nice, but you can end up stressed once again after you return to work. By scheduling a massage and going home to relax further, you can allow that feeling of loveliness to continue.

Continue with the ‘Me’ Time

For many individuals, especially moms, there is no ‘me’ time. Most often, we feel guilty for taking any time for ourselves. So when you have a massage, consider that ‘me’ time and let the feeling continue. Since you will feel de-stressed and relaxed, use that state to your advantage and schedule an appointment to get your hair done or a manicure. You will already feel good, so there will be no guilt for taking a little extra ‘me’ time!

Have a Fully Relaxing Evening

Anyone who has had a massage knows that the body and mind feel well-rested and relaxed once the massage treatment is over. So, continue with that feeling and plan a thoroughly relaxing evening. Think about what relaxes you and what you enjoy. Do you like to read and have a glass of wine? Plan on an evening with a good book and your favorite Merlot. Carry over the feeling of relaxation from the massage to be able to enjoy an entire evening of rest and comfort. A deep tissue massage can cause soreness so even though you feel relaxed after, you can develop an uncomfortable feeling as time goes on. To prevent feeling sore, drink plenty of water and use Myo Melt Epsom Salts in a nice long hot bath.

Go for a Walk

Many massage therapists recommend light activity after a massage to keep the relaxed feeling as well as to continue the loosening of muscles. Continue with the lovely feeling from your massage and go for a walk in your favorite park. Listen to music you love and just enjoy nature. You will continue to feel relaxed as you enjoy a little light exercise outdoors.

Drink Plenty of Water

We have already mentioned that drinking water is essential after a massage, especially deep tissue, but did you know it is a primary reason why the good feeling lingers? You should drink water after a massage as the technique of a deep tissue treatment can release toxins from the muscles into the bloodstream. It is believed that water helps the kidneys and pancreas to process such toxins.

Scheduling a regular massage will help you to feel your best on a consistent basis. At Academy Massage, you have the ability to schedule regular massages and enjoy treatments by highly trained professionals. Schedule your treatment today to begin on the path to total health and wellness via massage therapy.

Friday, June 9, 2017

Why Massage Beats Stress Every Time

A proven method of removing stress from the body is massage. Whether you receive a foot massage, full body massage or back massage, the movements used in massage therapy are proven to help the effects of stress. Every individual is different, so while some hold tension in their shoulders, others experience stress in the body in other regions. A massage therapist can work out the kinks in the body which will relieve you of stress and tightness in muscles.

Why Massage Beats Stress Every Time - Academy Massage - Massage Therapy WinnipegSoothing Stress
When an individual is stressed, the muscles tighten up. The longer you are stressed out, the tenser your muscles will become. This tightness can cause pain as well as uncomfortableness in the body. The tight muscles need to be worked via massage to relieve what the stress has brought on. A trained and qualified massage therapist will be able to review your problem areas, feel the tightness and then use massage techniques to relieve the tightness in the muscles.

Illness Often Results from Stress[1]
Cortisol is a hormone the body produces in response to stress.  The counter to this hormone is the anti-pain chemical serotonin.  Research suggests that a 60-minute massage can lower cortisol by an average of 30%, and increase serotonin by an average of 28%.  This change in balance (more serotonin and less cortisol) helps boost your body’s ability to reduce stress, pain, anxiety, and sadness. 

Scheduling Regular Appointments
It is best for the body and stress levels to schedule an appointment for a massage therapy treatment on a regular basis. Not only will your body feel better but your mind can relax due to the soothing music and atmosphere of the massage room. Be sure to schedule a massage before your stress levels become too high so that you can find relief without experiencing an overwhelming sense of tightness and pain due to stress.

At Academy Massage, you will find experts who can assist you with massage therapy, helping to lessen the effects of stress in the body. Contact Academy Massage today to schedule your appointment to help relieve the stress you may be feeling.

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