Thursday, November 15, 2018

The merry cranberry
- a healthy enhancer!

Native to North America - the cranberry has long been a staple fruit on the prairies, in fact some of you may remember picking cranberries as a kid, while others may still enjoy this outing, and the rest of us have a favourite retail location at which to purchase these tart little treasures.

As they did in the past, today the cranberry continues to ingratiate itself in a multitude of food items. At this time of year, they are often spotted floating atop the punch. Dried, sweetened versions of this beauty often grace festive gatherings. They are, of course, a great garnish at the holiday table. And throughout the year cranberries are good as juice, add great colour to a salad, and provide a good accent to muffins and loaves. Most every food it seems, can be enhanced with a good handful of cranberries.

Some have even titled cranberries - among the world’s healthiest foods. A Google search lists upwards of 13 health benefits related to consuming antioxidant cranberries, including weight loss!

And what’s more, cranberries are truly tasty.

The acknowledged healthiest way to consume them is - raw! Slicing them in half before you add them to something is probably the best way to make them the most chewable.

Following are a couple of cranberry hydration recipes which offer a seasonal twist to your post massage hydration.

Refreshing water choices provide a lift to your spirit, as well as your body. Keeping hydrated is an important part of staying healthy. Water promotes cardiovascular health, maintains the body temperature, helps muscles and joints work better, and keeps skin supple.

Also remember to drink plenty of water, particularly after your massage! Drinking lots of water at this time will help flush out the toxins released during your massage, and rehydrate your muscles.

Orange Cranberry Zip

1 orange
1 cup raw cranberries

Slice orange, leaving the rind on, into 1/4 inch rounds.
Slice raw cranberries into halves.
Add all of the ingredients to a pitcher of water, and stir.
Chill for an hour.

Minty Cranberry Aah

1 cup fresh mint leaves
1 lb raw cranberries

Wash mint leaves, and chop very coarsely.
Slice raw cranberries into halves.
Add all ingredients, including water and ice to a punch bowl or drink dispenser, stir.
Serve immediately.

Thursday, November 8, 2018


Kelly Sanchez is a Registered Massage Therapist (RMT). She’s been with Academy Massage Therapy for 13 years. Why? Because she likes the place - a lot!

I really like Debby. She’s nice to the staff. She’s caring and concerned about us. If someone doesn’t come into work. She’s on the phone immediately checking to see if they’re okay, or if they need anything. Really, she’s more of a friend, than a boss,” explains Kelly, in her description of Debby MacKenzie, owner of Academy Massage

The atmosphere here feels like home. I like the people that work here. And the clients, I like working with them.”

Kelly chuckles when she tells the story about how she became a massage therapist.

I really wasn’t quite certain about what direction to take after I finished high school,” says Kelly. “I has briefly thought about nursing, but I can’t stand the sight of blood or needles, so that wouldn’t have worked out too well.”

In grades 11 and 12, we used to see lots of films. I always sat with one of my girl friends who always appreciated having her back rubbed. So I did that every time we watched a movie. Then word spread, and lots of people would say that they needed a back rub. And eventually I was rubbing different people’s back throughout the entire movie.”

Still not certain about which direction to take, after her graduation from grade 12, it was her friend, Angie, who pointed out to Kelly that she’s be rubbing her classmates’ backs for two years, and so why didn’t she. “just do it!”

And that’s what Kelly did!

A few details about Kelly’s areas of specialty follow:

  • pre-natal massage - Kelly does both pre- and post-natal massage. “I think I like just about everything about pregnancy,” says Kelly. Most often, women come to her asking for pre-natal massage. This massage assists the function of both muscles and joints, while improving circulation, and relieving fatigue.

  • neck, face and scalp massage - focuses on the jaw joint, TMJ or temporo mandibular joint, explains Kelly. Most often brought on by stress, grinding teeth or clenching the jaw - the muscles and soft tissue of the very upper region of the body are manipulated to relax the muscles, increase the blood and oxygen to these areas and ultimately relieve pain.

  • sinus massage - Kelly believes, “a good head, neck and face massage will clear up so many issues.” A sinus massage works nicely on a cold, congestion, allergies and sinus headaches. The massage focuses on the forehead, around the eyes, and along the cheekbones, under the eyes and back again.

  • breast massage - Kelly sees breast massage as stimulating blood flow to the breasts, thereby decreasing tension and stress. Most notably, Kelly explains that breast massage is helpful for women who have had a mastectomy, particularly when dealing with scar tissue.
  • aromatherapy - And what are the benefits of aromatherapy? Kelly says there are many, including: reduction of anxiety, easing depression, boosting energy levels, speeding up the healing process, eliminating headaches, boosting cognitive performance, inducing sleep, strengthening the immune system, reducing pain, improving digestion and increasing circulation.

You can book an appointment with Kelly or any of the 50+ massage therapists at Academy Massage Therapy by calling 204-489-5050.

Thursday, November 1, 2018

Academy Massage Therapy gift cards
-   help for the holiday gift gap

Oh my goodness! What to do? What to do?

Is that the little voice inside our heads - as each day lurches closer to the holidays? Sometimes we probably can’t even find the stop button for that little tune.

In fact, the shopping solution is actually right here.

It’s the Academy Massage Therapy gift card!

Available for purchase in any denomination at the front counter, and a sweet solution with many applications:

  • the newspaper delivery person - who clambers over snow drifts in the winter, and jumps over puddles in the summer

  • the neighbour who helps you with the yard work - taking care of the lawn and trimming, the snow and ice

  • the vet - who listens, strategizes, encourages and heals Harry, the cat

  • the garage mechanic - head under the car, ear under the hood, greasy hands and a big smile when the job is done

  • the gym coach - who believes, persists and prods, when all you want to do is to plop to the ground

  • your kid’s teacher - a thank you for the patience, guidance, thoughtful comments, classroom lessons, after school activities, piles of pages corrected and lesson prep

  • the health care worker - who daily pops in on your mom with a cheery smile, and slice of just-baked banana loaf for her to sample

  • the health care professional - whose medical intervention means that you have breath, sight, hearing, life - and the ability to do your own version of the two-step at the family social

  • the kids - always tearing about with not a minute to spare, and not a second to stop

  • your partner - your best friend, your relationship, the most important person in your life. Gift cards can cover single or couple massage therapy choices.

“I like to think of the Academy Massage Therapy gift card as a gift of true caring and thoughtfulness,” said Academy Massage owner, Debby MacKenzie. “It’s essentially wellness in a box.”

Purchase options are up to you - choose from a single massage or a regime of massage appointments which span the course of a year, and everything in between.

“Our gift cards really do say - ‘Wishing you well!’,” Debby noted.