Friday, December 15, 2017

Health Trends to Watch in 2018

Health Trends to Watch in 2018 - Academy Massage - Massage Therapist Winnipeg
The year is almost over, and 2018 is quickly approaching. With a New Year comes new possibilities as well as new trends. In the massage industry, several new health trends are being considered for next year and individuals who enjoy a regular massage, should see these trends emerging from their therapy. It is essential for massage therapists to stay on track of the latest health trends to offer clients new and exciting ways to stay healthy and feel well.

Organic and Natural Products

One such trend to be on the lookout for is natural and organic products. Gels, oils, and lotions can be used during therapy to provide healing properties as well as assist with friction during the massage. Such items can be purchased and used at home as well as within your regular massage treatment by a therapist. Massage therapists are now leaning towards using more organic and natural products so that their clients can benefit.

Because massage involves direct skin contact, it is important to use oils and lotions that are of the highest quality. Some clients can have skin conditions and natural products work well to avoid any breakouts or issues.

Alternative Treatments and Therapies

Another significant trend on the horizon involves alternative treatments and therapies in the massage industry. Reiki, energy work and even salt therapy are being considered as more popular options with clients as well as therapists. With Reiki and energy work, the goal is to use the life force energy for healing. Reiki is a Japanese technique used to help reduce stress as well as provide relaxation and promote healing and well-being. The therapist will lay their hands on the body in key areas where healing is needed and use life force energy as it flows through the body to promote the healing process.

It may sound odd to some, but the treatment has been proven to work well for a number of ailments. Clients can undergo regular reiki or energy work to see a difference in how they feel as well as to fight certain conditions or ailments.


Massage therapists are also becoming more open to meditation, be it during the massage or in a separate space. With meditation, the client has a way to relax and open their mind. Lifestyle coaching of meditation can help a client to become more mindful of their well-being and lose stress that may be affecting daily life.

Meditation can be offered during a relaxing portion of the massage or applied separately before or after a massage. With the help of meditation, an individual can learn how to relax fully and manage stress much better.

Shirodhara or Third Eye Balancing is a great tool to use when learning to meditate or suffering from stress related conditions.

These are just a few of the trends to expect in massage therapy for 2018. There is always something new and exciting to enjoy as technology, therapy types and knowledge of the industry continue to expand. Be open to trying new treatment types to enjoy the benefits of massage therapy thoroughly.

At Academy Massage, training and education continue year after year so therapists can learn the latest trends and advancements to offer only the best services for clients.

Friday, December 8, 2017

Which is Better: Swedish or Shiatsu Massage?

When it comes to massage treatments, several options can be used to treat a variety of ailments and conditions. Swedish and shiatsu are two common options that massage therapists use to provide relief to the client. However, what is the difference between the two? Which is better? Massage is primarily an individual preference. Some people enjoy a Swedish massage due to the relief felt once the massage is over while others prefer shiatsu as it uses elements of acupuncture without the needles. Learning more about both types will help you to see what might work best for you. 

A Swedish massage is about strokes. The massage therapist will use stroking techniques to place pressure on the joints, connective tissues, and muscles. With shiatsu massage, the therapist will be using a guide that is similar to acupuncture by hitting particular points of the body. The back has ‘Shu’ points which are treated by the therapist with direct contact. 

With shiatsu massage, therapists are taught the basics on how to use circular motions with pressure based on specific locations of the body. The meridian points are rubbed a number of times as each point is accessed. 
With Swedish massage, therapists are taught to use various foundation strokes. These strokes can be long and gliding, starting from the neck and going down the back and up again. Additional techniques include lifting a muscle away from the bone with squeezing methods, compression, and kneading.

Overall, it is essential to speak with the therapist to find out what treatment type will work for your needs. An experienced therapist will know the right treatment to prescribe based on the issues you are facing. At Academy Massage, both treatment types are offered to ensure clients receive the right option for health and well-being needs.