Friday, September 28, 2018

Christy Kim

• massage therapist
• reflexologist
• wholistic practitioner

In the health field for more than 18 years, Christy has worked out of Academy Massage Therapy for five years. She has a ready and welcoming smile, asks questions, and, as all of the massage therapists on site do - presents a solution-seeking manner.

“What I like about my job, is helping people feel better,” explained Christy. “I like that when the treatment is over - people are relaxed, their anxiety and pain reduced. And there is a go forward plan in place, if that’s what they would like.”

“I’m continually thinking about my clients, and ways in which I can help them,” she added. “So I’m one of those people who is always taking courses, and going after new certifications - so that I can respond with the best of my ability, to their needs.”

“And during a massage - when I hear that sigh of relief, I know I’m helping that person, and I’m doing my job.”

Christy’s areas of specialty include:

• massage therapy - remedial massage used for contracted muscles, joint issues, poor circulation, stress related pain, or accidents ranging from vehicular to falls, and everything in between.

• reflexology - feet, hands and ears:


have many reflex zones, and pressure points - manipulating these areas assists in pain relief, improves circulation, reduces body toxins and stress, while balancing the internal organs.


reflexology is a good choice for people with arthritis, aches, as well as those suffering from repetitive motion injuries or overuse of hand muscles.


also contain reflex zones that can assist in pain, anxiety and stress reduction along with toxin removal.

• East Indian head massage - originated in India over 1,000 years ago, as part of family grooming, particularly by mothers who wanted to encourage their daughter’s long, lustrous locks. This relaxing treatment focuses on the scalp, neck and shoulders, face and ears - to reduce stress, blood pressure, and restore life balance.

• ear candling - great for wax reduction. Excellent for tinnitus, vertigo, and enhancing mental clarity, as well as focus.

• foot detox - good for toxin removal. This treatment increases energy, reduces joint pain, relieves anxiety, improves circulation and assists with sinus conditions.

• reiki - a relaxation therapy, based on hand techniques which reduce stress, and encourage healing. This balancing treatment assists the body with emotional, mental, spiritual and physical rejuvenation.

• aroma touch therapy massage - this treatment involves eight essential oils - which in concert with soft touch therapy assists in stress reduction, immune boosting, anti-inflammatory control and body balancing.


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