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Hip Flexor Massage Therapy

Hip Flexor Massage Therapy - Academy Massage Therapy - Massage Therapists in Winnipeg, Manitoba
The hip flexors are a group of muscles at the front of the hip that attach from the lower spine and upper pelvis to the groin and upper thighs. Their function is to allow you to lift your knees and bend at the waist. The hip flexors are also responsible for keeping your hips and lumbar region strong, as well as allowing for flexibility and maintaining proper alignment. Located deep in the abdominal cavity, they are some of the strongest muscles in the body yet a network we generally take for granted - until through strain or injury we tear one or more of the hip flexor muscles.

Hip flexor strains can occur if the muscles are overdeveloped, tight, stiff or short and are exposed to a swift, sudden contraction. Some indicators that a problem has developed include: stiff legs, lower back pain, immobility, swelling, bruising, and - although rare - muscle spasms. In addition, you might suffer from poor balance and problems with your posture. Walking or even standing for prolonged periods can also prove difficult and your gait may be accompanied by a limp.

There are three grades of hip flexor strains, ranging from small fiber tearing (where there is pain but full activity function is not compromised) to significant (resulting in a moderate loss of function) to severe, where all the muscle fibers are damaged (causing a major loss of function). The pain is characterized by a sudden sharp ache in the front of the hip or groin at the time of the injury which can cause an immediate cessation to your activity. Or it is not uncommon for pain and stiffness to become evident until after a period of rest, especially upon waking in the morning.

Because these muscles can become sore and strained from overuse due to exercise and any repeated physical activity, athletes are most prone to hip flexor strain, particularly runners or martial artists. But hip flexor strain is also common among those who spend long periods in a sedentary environment, such as sitting for continuous hours at a computer or office work station. Without regular stretching and activity this can lead to a shortening and tightening of your hip flexors.
 The correct physical therapy is imperative to speed up the healing process as well as decrease the likelihood of a recurrence in the future. The licensed therapists at Academy Massage are qualified to treat hip flexor strain. Our massage therapy will help alleviate your soreness. This involves a technique where we stretch your hip flexors manually and release tissues in your lower back, inner and outer thighs and quadriceps. Our massage session is intended to reset your tissues and muscles to a normal state in addition to helping increase circulation which aids in a faster recovery. We may recommend corrective at-home exercises to increase your mobility and prevent further pain, but we discuss the suitability and degree of this procedure with our clients based on each individual case.

At Academy Massage we encourage mobility and employ the latest methods to keep our valued clients on their feet.

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