Friday, October 17, 2014

Balancing Body, Mind and Spirit

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Aromatherapy and Massage Therapy

The definition of Aromatherapy simply derives from "aroma" (fragrance) and "therapy" (treatment). Aromatherapy is an ancient treatment based on the principle that the spirit and the body should be in harmony.  History records that aromatherapy dates back thousands of years and was likely first utilized by the Chinese and Egyptian cultures, later adopted by the Greeks and the Roman Empire. This healing art combines the aromatic essence of plants (essential oils) with a relaxing therapeutic massage to restore a state of well-being.  Aromatherapy creates balance of body, mind and spirit.

Academy Massage recognizes the value of aromatherapy for its health and relaxation benefits. When used in conjunction with massage, aromatherapy is effective in enhancing energy when a person needs to be alert or to promote calmness and reduce stress. Aromatherapy has also been shown to increase attention and improve memory. It is a technique that works without artificial stimulants or relaxants associated with caffeine, alcohol, sugar or pharmaceutical products.

Academy Massage invites you to visit our office and discover for yourself the total aromatherapy experience provided by our friendly and professional staff.

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