Friday, November 21, 2014

Unused Benefits Coverage

Relaxation Massage - Academy Massage - Massage Therapists - Winnipeg, Manitoba
Aches and stiffness become common for many people as the colder days of autumn soon to be followed by the winter season envelopes Winnipeg. Many people rush to get their yard work done before the snow hits and this, too, can cause strain on your joints and muscles. Once the snow comes we're out there with our shovels, cleaning sidewalks and driveways - and often with strenuous impact on our bodies.

As 2014 rapidly draws to a close, Academy Massage would like to remind our valued clients that you may still have unused private insurance coverage and that now might be the perfect time to take advantage of these benefits. Whether for therapy for an existing physical condition or to get your muscles ready and in shape for the long winter ahead - or maybe just to treat yourself to the relaxation professional massage can provide, we encourage you to fill out the year with a visit to our office.

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