Thursday, March 21, 2019

Spend too much time sitting?
Sports Massage is likely the answer!

It’s here! Spring has finally arrived. You can almost smell it in the air, see it in the melting snow banks, and sometimes even end up with a booter.

And if you have a desk job, which sees you sitting for eight hours or more a day, the coziness which you may have felt in your warm, comfortable office chair during the winter - may start to feel restrictive.

Of course we all know that getting up from our chairs on a regular basis - is encouraged. Some companies spring for standing desks. And a coffee break may now mean a sniff of outside air, as well as a quick walk or jog around the block.

These are all great initiatives to make, as the change in season motivates us to do more.

In addition to the new steps which you are taking as the weather improves, at Academy Massage Therapy we have just the massage to support you with the slumped posture, sore shoulders and stiff neck that come from too much work-related sitting in a single position for hours on end.

It’s the Sports Massage!

How is it possible that a Sports Massage would benefit someone who is sedentary and not sporty, you may ask?

While our Registered Massage Therapist (RMTs) work to relieve the stiff, sore and achy muscles of athletes, the same type of massage also benefits the stiff, sore and achy muscles which are experienced by people who spend many hours sitting at their desks.

Specifically Sports Massage can assist with:

increasing mobility - massage restores the movement of muscles, increasing their

reducing pain - by getting stiff muscles to move again and making them more pliable, the muscles regain their natural functioning, which reduces muscle pain

relieving stress - increased mobility and the reduction of pain results in the decrease of stress throughout your entire body

improving overall efficiency - with more mobility, less pain and a diminished level of stress, you will be able to focus at the tasks and the matters at hand - at work and at home.

“For people whose work environments see them at their desks on a daily and ongoing basis, it might be a good idea to schedule regular massages to combat the impact of that environment on their bodies,” notes Debby MacKenzie, owner of Academy Massage.

“Our front counter staff would be happy to help you develop a regular massage routine, which supports what you do on your own.”
“Massage,” says Debby, “Just do it for you.”

Love from
Academy Massage Therapy

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