Friday, March 1, 2019

Do it for you ...
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So let’s say that you’ve decided - this year, you’re going to do it FOR YOU, and that includes having regular massage treatments.

Or, maybe regular massages are already an intrinsic aspect of your routine.

And then there’s the in-between-er, you know, the person who goes for a massage - sometimes.

No matter which of these three categories you’re in - as we continue our wellness commitments to ourselves in 2019 - it’s always good to review the important steps which will make your massage be the best that it can be FOR YOU.

Please consider the following:

Scheduling your massage
schedule your massage treatment for a time when you’ ll not feel rushed - either arriving at your appointment, or leaving.
coming to your massage in a relaxed frame of mind will help you to fully embrace the benefits of the treatment.
giving yourself down time after your appointment will allow you time to drink plenty of water, and for your body to absorb the oils used during the treatment.

Pick your massage treatment
if you aren’t certain about the type of massage treatment that will help you the most, explain your situation to our experienced front desk staff.
Academy Massage Therapy offers many types of treatments, which address different parts of the body, and a multitude situations.

The day of your massage

avoid eating a large meal 2 to 3 hours prior to your massage treatment. You don’t want to arrive for your appointment feeling uncomfortably full or bloated.
wear loose, comfortable clothing without a lot of buttons or zippers. Be certain to wear comfortable shoes as well.
if you’re planning a workout, on the day of your massage, complete that prior to your appointment. That’s the best way for your tired muscles to get the most out of your treatment.
remember there is actually some risk to working out after your massage, because strenuous post-massage activity will strain the muscles you’ve just relaxed, and there is a chance that you’ll injure yourself.
should time permit, have a warm shower just prior to your treatment. This will assist in loosening your muscles, and make your feel more relaxed.
don’t wear perfume or aftershave on the day of your massage treatment. Strong scents can be overwhelming. Additionally, part of your massage treatment may include essential oils, perfume or aftershave could compete with their soothing, healing effects.

After your massage treatment
plan ahead, and bring a refillable water bottle with you.
drink lots of water.
post massage hydration will help flush out the toxins released during your massage treatment. It will also help rehydrate your muscles.
it is best not to drink caffeine after your massage, as it has the tendency to tense the muscles.
herbal tea is a great choice if you prefer something warm.

Have any additional questions? We’d love to hear from you, and have the opportunity to provide you with additional information. Call us for more info, or to book a massage treatment appointment at 204-489-5050.

See you soon!

Academy Massage Therapy

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