Friday, March 13, 2015

When and Why to see an Athletic Therapist

Athletic Therapy - Academy Massage Therapy - Massage Therapist Winnipeg
Contrary to what most people might think, everyone can benefit from a session with an athletic therapist.

The reason is that whether we are aware or not, each day in everyone's life we are doing something that requires athletic physical manipulation often leading to strain and pain. Simple activities such as gardening (spring is in the air!) and performing household chores involve movement that conceivably can result in injury or a muscular imbalance. Such non-related sports injuries may result from work-related injuries, motor vehicle injuries, repetitive strain injuries and pre- and post-surgery conditions. A common complaint is chronic neck and back pain that has developed without any apparent trigger. Again, this can be the possible result of an unrecognized strain.

If you suffer from an ache or pain, the therapists at Academy Massage will assess your condition and provide the best and most effective treatment for your specific injury to help you return to the active lifestyle you enjoyed beforehand - and in fact, in most cases, to function in a condition noticeably improved prior to your injury.

Academy Massage also offers a program designed to aid in the prevention of strain or injury.

Whether you are dealing with an injury or want to prevent an injury from occurring, the athletic therapists at Academy Massage can tailor a plan to your specific need(s) so that you need not suffer the slings and arrows of physical discomfort. 

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