Friday, February 20, 2015

Taping to Prevent or Treat Injury

Taping to prevent or treat injury - Academy Massage Therapy - Massage Therapists - Winnipeg, Manitoba
There are various procedures to treat, support or prevent injuries either resulting from sports or everyday activities. Taping has proven to be an effective method both in aiding prevention and injury rehabilitation and recovery. There are a number of different products available as well as a variety of techniques that are used to help protect the joints, ligaments and tendons. Because there are different muscle tape products to choose from, it is important the proper one is selected to treat one's specific muscle injury. As well, the proper application of each technique may be different depending upon your need. At Academy Massage our therapists are trained and knowledgeable in prescribing and applying the taping technique that is the right fit for you, by assessing the type of injury you are trying to prevent or to promote recovery.

Taping is often used in sports and athletic competition to support weak or athletically compromised joints, injuries that can result in shin splints, ankle sprains, knee joint injuries, shoulder and elbow problems and even wrist and thumb manipulation. Athletic taping allows for an extension of activity through a lessening of stress on the injury, ultimately relieving the associative pain and discomfort, and increasing mobility.

At Academy Massage our specialists employ therapeutic taping to relieve pressure on swollen or injured soft tissue to provide support during healing. This is designed to promote the body's natural healing process. Massage therapy performed by our skilled professionals can also be used in conjunction with taping for the treatment of soft tissue injuries to beneficial effect.

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