Friday, October 11, 2013

The Results Are In…

Over the years we have been asked many different questions about massage; how we know how much pressure to apply, does everyone fall asleep and should I reschedule if I haven’t shaved my legs!? (Don’t worry ladies; we've all seen leg hair before!).  We also get asked a lot of questions about massage techniques and massage etiquette.  After raking our brains, polling the staff and crumpling up and throwing  away list after list, we have compiled a (final) list of the top five questions we are asked most! 

1.       Will my insurance cover my massage without a note from my doctor?

Plan coverage and policy differs by provider, in most cases a note is not needed for a percentage of the massage cost to be covered.  Prior to booking your massage it’s a good idea to check your insurance plan’s policy on the matter.  We do offer direct billing for several different providers and our full time receptionists are always here to answer your questions.

2.       I have been suffering from back and neck pain; will massage therapy help with my pain?

All of our massage therapists will complete an in-depth assessment prior to any treatment being performed.  This is done to ensure the best course of treatment possible is discussed with you and followed so that you can focus on relaxing and healing.  Clients always tell us they feel a great sense of relief after receiving treatment.

3.       What do I wear during a massage? 

Your comfort level is our guide.  Some clients choose to keep their undergarments on, while other clients are comfortable with just the draped sheet.  Again, your comfort level is our guide; at no time should you feel uncomfortable or over exposed.  If you do feel this way tell your massage therapist and they will do all they can to remedy the situation. 

4.       Can I receive a massage if I've been diagnosed with cancer?

Yes!  If you have been diagnosed with cancer, or are in remission, please request to be matched up with one of our therapists who are specifically trained to treat your specific needs.  Our massage therapists are constantly learning and educating themselves on new techniques and procedures in the massage therapy industry and stay up to date with the latest therapeutic treatments.  

5.       Do I tip the massage therapist?

Massage therapists receive over 2200 hours of training in anatomy and physiology so they can better understand how your works body and what it needs to relax and heal itself.  A monetary tip is never expected by any of our therapists.  The best tip you can give a massage therapist is to tip off your friends and family to the excellent experience you had!

If your question wasn't answered here you can check out our FAQ page.  If you still can’t find the answer, you can reach us on Facebook, Twitter or through our contact form; or pick up the phone and give us a call, we’re always here to help!

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