Friday, September 20, 2013

Fall into a New Routine

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From the time we were six or seven, we have been taught that September means a new start – almost like a “second new years”.  It signifies the time of year when you notice a change in the weather, the plants and trees and the world around you.  It’s also “back to school season”. 

Whether it’s your first day as a teacher or a student, back to school is a stressful experience.  As a student new to post-secondary it can be overwhelming navigating your way through residence and a different school, finding all your classes and taking everything in.  As a teacher trying to remember the names of all the kids in your class can be staggering, meeting new staff or even adapting to living in a new city can be a nightmare.  Adjusting to a grueling new school routine can be difficult; don’t let stress be a part of it.  Make massage a part of your new routine.

Back to school means many new post-secondary students are getting their first taste of “The Real World” they have heard about for years.  This can mean different first time experiences, including juggling time between school and work, balancing expenses, paying bills and dealing with insurance companies for the first time.  Some post-secondary organizations offer students the option to purchase affordable health insurance for the duration of their academic career.  Several students don’t realize this opportunity is available to them and as a result never take full advantage of it.  This health coverage often covers products and services such as prescriptions, eye exams, dental work, physiotherapy and even massage therapy! 

Swedish massage, also known as “relaxation massage” is a common “introductory” technique for people who are new to massage.  It is well known for its relaxation benefits, as it uses variations of an assortment of different styles of strokes to relieve the targeted muscles.  Different massage therapists will use different techniques, depending on their style and what they are trying to accomplish, but generally all use varying forms of sliding or gliding strokes - often in the direction of the heart, kneading and circular movements.

Teachers, parents and students alike know the stresses that can come from “back to school”.  By taking the time to relax and recharge, you are better prepared to deal with any task that may come your way.  Academy Massage offers gift cards, for that person in your life who never seems to take the time to pamper themselves.  They will perform up to a half hour long massage for children and hour long massages for teenagers, with a parent present.  Academy Massage also offers direct billing services to eligible clients with approval from their insurance provider and doctor’s prescriptions in applicable circumstances.  They will direct bill to most major health benefit providers, including Great West Life, Blue Cross and Chamber of Commerce.  Contact Academy Massage today to help your family, friends and those around you reap the benefits of regular massage!      

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