Friday, April 19, 2019

Active kids benefit from
kids massage

According to the Winnipeg Youth Soccer Association - soccer is the most popular youth sport in the city of Winnipeg, involving more than 9,000 league players ages 9 to 18, and more than twice that number in mini-soccer for children ages 3 to 8.

And believe it or not, soccer runs year round in Winnipeg - outdoors May to October, and indoors October to March.

Whether it’s soccer, skipping rope or skateboarding - spring and summer seasons are filled with all kinds of activities for children and youth. Some of these activities are supervised, and other activities consist of just tearing around and having great fun in the sun.

No matter how carefully you keep your eyes on your children, grandchildren or kiddletts who have no relation to you at all - there’s bound to be bumps, twists and falls.

“At Academy Massage Therapy we have targeted massage treatments for children and youth who have sports and recreation related needs,” says Debby Mackenzie, AMT owner.

Massage therapy treatment for children can:

• assist in recovery from, as well as prevention of injury
• decrease muscle tension and increase range of motion
• improve the quality of sleep, upping both energy, and concentration.

“At Academy Massage Therapy parents or guardians and their children under the age of 12 are in the same room for the child’s treatment session. In fact, the parent and the child may also both receive massage treatments are the same time!” Debby adds.

“In addition to treatment in the immediate to help your child through a sports or recreational mishap, also consider a schedule of regular massage therapy sessions, to help set the course for an active summer,” she also suggests.

Talk to us about our preventative and healing therapy treatments provided by our Registered Massage Therapists (RMTs).

Please note, most insurance plans include coverage for children.

Here’s to all we’re going to do this spring and summer!

Much love,
Academy Massage Therapy

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