Thursday, December 27, 2018

for the New Year

2019 will be here in 5 days. At the New Year, after the last refrain of Auld Lang Syne fades, and the cheering subsides, comes the sense of an opportunity for a fresh start and new beginnings - around the world, between family and friends, and personally.

Academy Massage Therapy is looking toward the new year ahead - with great anticipation and delight, as we introduce new treatment service choices to our clients.

The first week of January we are pleased to:

introduce Classical Homeopathy, with Nancy Graham - an individual holistic approach to health and wellness which considers the body, mind, emotions and spirit. Check our next week’s blog for the details.

And in the coming weeks we’ll be blogging:

about the benefits of East Indian Head Massage, with Kristy Kim - a relaxing treatment which focuses on the scalp, neck and shoulders, face and ears - to reduce stress, blood pressure and restore life balance.

and telling you more about Manual Osteopathy, with Koorosh Saxton - a therapy which considers the whole body and its imbalances - gently manipulating the anatomy and physiology, so the body can heal itself.

In the meantime, at the beginning of January - schedule “me” time for yourself once a week for the entire month. The choices can be anything you want them to be. Take a nice long bath, listen to music, go for a walk, or do something else for yourself. And after the month is over, see if you can continue to make “me” time a weekly habit, and maintain the practice every week, for the entire year!

“Me” time can also be scheduling a massage, and because it’s the beginning of the year - you might even want to consider scheduling your massages for the entire year ahead. Should you want to consult of the direction of your massage program - Tuesday and Wednesday mornings are a great time to do a consult and have a massage.

“We’re here to help make your 2019 the best it can be,” says Debby MacKenzie, owner of Academy Massage. “Please let us know what we can do for you!”

“We’ve got you’re back. We’re all about comfort and care for your mind. body and soul.”

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