Thursday, August 9, 2018

We can all help in this heat

It’s blistering hot in Winnipeg. We can make it make easier for those who are having a tough time, if we lend a helping hand.

Donated water in being distributed by Siloam Mission to people who are vulnerable, and by Habitat for Humanity to volunteers who build affordable housing. News organizations have indicated that with the extreme and persistent heat, these organizations are now running out of bottled water.

Academy Massage Therapy wants you to know about this situation. Please help Siloam Mission and Habitat for Humanity if you are able. You can make a donation, or drop off some bottled water to these organizations. Or share this call for help with your neighbours, friends, and family.

Along with a number of other Winnipeg companies, we are working with the World of Water to provide bottled water to these groups.

Thank you for your help.

Much love,
Academy Massage Therapy

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