Friday, November 17, 2017

5 Massage Myths to Ignore

5 Massage Myths to Ignore - Academy Massage - Massage Therapist Winnipeg
Despite massage treatments being around for thousands of years, there are still myths that exist. It is important to learn more about these myths so that you can benefit from massage instead of believing untruths. Below are five common myths and the truth behind them so that you can better understand the benefits of massage treatment.

Soreness the Next Day Means You Received a Good Massage

This is untrue. Soreness does not dictate if you had a good massage or not. You can be sore from a massage just because or if you have been sedentary for some time. If you receive a deep tissue massage, you will be sore due to the treatment breaking up lactic acid or working on trigger points. You can also become sore if you do not drink enough water after the massage.

I Feel Fine, So Drinking Water is Not Needed

Another common myth, many individuals choose not to drink water after a massage. Water is needed to help reduce soreness as it helps to remove the waste products that were worked out of muscles by the therapists. The waste products are now in circulation and need to be flushed out of your system with water. It is also important to avoid drinking alcohol after a massage as your increased circulation will cause the alcohol to take effect quicker.

The Massage Has to Hurt to Work

This is also not true. A massage does not have to hurt to work. It is essential that a massage therapist learn how to distinguish between the discomfort of the patient and pain. A deep tissue massage can be painful but beneficial. It’s all about tolerance of the patient. If the individual is uncomfortable, then less pressure needs to be used. A good massage therapist knows the right amount of pressure to use when providing treatment, and as a patient, you should always tell your therapist if the pressure is too much or too little.

Pregnant Women Should Not Receive Massage Treatment

This is false. Pregnant women can easily enjoy a massage during all trimesters of a healthy pregnancy. A massage can be beneficial as it relaxes both mom and baby. At Academy Massage, we use special cushions to accommodate pregnant patients, so a massage is comfortable and enjoyed.  Read more about our Prenatal Massage experience here.

I Don’t Need to Tell My Massage Therapist My Entire Health History

This is also untrue. Your therapist needs to know your health history, including information on medical conditions, medications you are taking or surgeries. With this information, a massage therapist will be able to customise the massage based on your individual needs. Even if your therapist does not ask, tell them everything. Including medication you may have taken that day or issues you may be facing such as heart disease, stomach problems, etc. anything that could have an impact on your massage treatment.

Now that you know the common myths associated with massage, you can easily benefit from treatment. With the assistance of therapists from Academy Massage, you will receive a quality treatment tailored to your specific needs. Reveal your medical history and be sure to drink water after treatment so that you can enjoy the full benefits of massage therapy.

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