Friday, August 18, 2017

How to Harness the Power of Your Third Eye with Shirodhara Treatment

How to Harness the Power of Your Third Eye with Shirodhara Treatment - Academy Massage - Winnipeg Massage Therapist
Often referred to as Third Eye Therapy, the Shirodhara Treatment is a therapy that can help you stimulate the power of your third eye. The treatment originated in India and is a special healing technique that involves warm oil being slowly drizzled on to the forehead. This is done in alignment with the third-eye or the anja chakra.

Oil Application

During the treatment, oil is used to stimulate the third eye. The goal is to provide no other stimulation than on this area to open consciousness. The warm oil is gentle and continuously flowed onto the third eye area and the overflow is captured in a basin beneath the table. Specific oils will be used based on the person being treated to have the best effect. At Academy Massage, water is used instead of oil and considered a much better option among our clients.

Harnessing Your Power

During this treatment, patients will be able to harness the power of the third eye but must be ready to do so. Overall relaxation is needed with an openness of the mind. In order to truly ‘see’, you will need to relax the body and open the mind to all thoughts and processes that enter during treatment. Try to focus on the third eye and feel the power that is inside of you, paying close attention to your intuition. You will find that as you open yourself up to this new power, you will have a clarity of mind as well as the quiet mental state.

Academy Massage offers this treatment type and can assist you in being able to harness the power of your third eye. By showing a willingness to learn and opening your heart and mind, you can become one with yourself, opening up your third eye to the world around you.

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