Friday, May 26, 2017

How Post-Event Sports Massage Can Improve Your Performance

How Post-Event Sports Massage Can Improve Your Performance - Academy Massage - Massage Therapist Winnipeg
Are you a regular athlete who is out competing on a continual basis? If so, then you are likely familiar with pre- and post-event massages available to the athletes. They are done to help the muscles relax after the event, and to help prevent future injuries. If you have never partaken in any of these massages, you may want to consider them. They could do a lot to help you feel better now, and do a lot to improve your overall performance the next time you are out competing.

The Benefits You Get Out of a Post-Event Sports Massage

Once a sporting event is complete, many opt to get a post-event massage. This helps the body relax and get ready for the next event you plan to partake in. Your body can remove the buildup of lactic acid, which comes from exerting your muscles more than usual. Having a massage after an event allows you to also feel less sore during your recovery period. Muscles get tight when you are active in a sporting event. By getting a massage, you can improve the blood flow to any muscle that is tight, which then allows you to have returned, if not improved, the range of motion. Just make sure before you choose to get a post-event massage, you completely cool down first. Your body is going to need to get re-hydrated to get these benefits, so make sure you have had sufficient time to cool down and re-hydrate before you head to your massage.

How These Benefits Can Improve Your Performance in Sporting Events

On top of having an improved range of motion, getting a post-event massage also lets you get back to training sooner than if you were to heal the same way you have in the past. Instead of having to take a week or two to feel back up to practice or exercise, you can go back in a day or two. This gives you an edge over your competitors and gives you the ability to show yourself that you can keep improving. Getting a post-event massage also gives the athlete a psychological boost once the event is over. It helps them feel better about what was accomplished, and it gives them the ability to think about what could be achieved in the future.

If you are regularly participating in sporting events that work you out deeply, then make sure you also regularly get massages. You can get them before any of your events to ready your muscles for what is to come, and you can help your recovery by getting a massage 15-30 minutes after an event has completed. These massages do a lot to help you the day of the event, and into the future. On top of post-event massages, regular sports massages should also be conducted to help the musculoskeletal system stay ready for your increased level of activity and to prevent injuries. For more information on why you should be getting post-event sports massages, call the experts at Academy Massage.

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