Friday, April 28, 2017

What Massage Can Reveal About Your Digestive Health

Do you often have issues with your digestive health? Were you aware that regular massages can help with common digestive problems? If you go in for regular abdominal massages, you are far less likely to struggle with issues that may otherwise impede your quality of life. Here are a few of the things that abdominal massages can do to help with digestive issues.

Abdominal Massages Can Decrease Stress-Related Digestive Problems

Stress is one of the biggest culprits of digestive problems that plague people. It can cause you to have a knot-like feeling in your stomach, increase bloating, and leave you suffering from either diarrhea or constipation. One way that you can decrease these issues is by having regular massages done gently on your abdomen. If you get the parasympathetic nervous system massaged, it can not only reduce the effects of anxiety and stress in your stomach, but it can actually help your entire body feel better.

You Can Improve Your Digestion with Abdominal Massage

When you are still in bed in the morning, or once you have gone to lie down at night, you can do simple abdominal massages that can help you improve the digestion of your food. This can help you get more nutrients out of the foods you eat and break those foods more thoroughly. This can increase your overall nutrition, and leave you feeling better after you eat. Simple clockwise circles massaged over your stomach is all you need to start feeling better.

Your Body’s Health Can Improve with Regular Massage

Just like with a traditional massage, you get increased blood flow to the massaged area, in this case, your abdomen. This blood flow brings increased oxygen to the area, which can improve the health and function of your internal organs. If you want to get feeling better and help your organs function on a higher level, then regular abdominal massages may be the perfect answer.

Abdominal Massage Can Reduce Pain All Over Your Body

Most people believe that the only area that gets a benefit when you get a massage is the original area touched. However, that is inaccurate. Your entire body can reap the benefits of a massage, no matter where on your body it may be. If you get regular abdominal massages, you are likely going to notice that your body is less sore and tight. When you gently massage the abdomen, on top of the digestive benefits listed, you also get the benefit of reduced spasticity in your thorax, lumbar, abdominal, and gluteal muscles that are tight.

Would you like improved digestion, less pain, and increased nutrition from a simple massage you can easily fit into your weekly schedule? Then call the professionals here at Academy Massage. We can help you feel better in many facets of your life, plus leave you in better overall health. The power of touch can improve your life in many ways. Reach out to us and find out more today!

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