Friday, October 28, 2016

What Makes for a Really Good Massage?

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When you want to get a massage, you want a really good massage that leaves you feeling relaxed and better off for having gone. The last thing you want is to go for a massage and come home in pain. So how are you supposed to know if you are going to get an excellent massage, especially if you are going somewhere for the first time? The best way to know if you are going to get a massage you are going to want to go back for seconds on is to check off this simple checklist.

When You Called to Schedule the Appointment, Did You Like the Person You Spoke With?
When you call to schedule an appointment, you need to be impressed. It doesn’t make sense to think that if you have a poor experience over the phone that your massage is going to be so amazing it will balance out any poor customer service. Take the time to find a place that talks with you and makes you feel impressed before you even show up.

Did They Speak With You About Injuries and What Hurts Before Starting?
You need to find someplace that is not only going to ask you what is wrong now but also ask about things that happened to your body in the past. Having a goal that resolves specific problems in a massage session is ideal for the person giving, and the person receiving the massage.

Does Your Massage Therapist Have the Experience to Know the Right Pressure Points and How Much to Use?
This is a big thing. Obviously, they need to know how to help you feel better by using the right pressure points. However, they also need to know where to push to release the tension being held on to by the muscles in question. They need to apply the right pressure to the right areas in order to help you. This takes the perfect combination of skill, practice, and experience.

Were You Instructed on How to Continue Feeling Better After Your Massage Was Over?
Helping to keep your body feeling great after a massage is part of a really good massage experience. You need to know what to do, and what to avoid, to help your body feel good for as long as possible. If these instructions were missing, then the potential of a really good massage is going to get knocked down a notch. You shouldn’t be worried about being told that an ice pack may feel good or prolong your relief after a massage. That is a standard part of the aftercare.

To find out more about how to get a massage experience that is going to last, then call Academy Massage. They will communicate with you from the very first encounter, and help work with you to find a deep level of relief. Come in and be impressed with everything that Academy Massage has to offer.

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