Friday, May 20, 2016

Massage and Positive Body Image

Massage and Positive Body Image - Academy Massage Therapy - Massage Therapist Winnipeg
The sad truth today is that many people possess a poor self image. Striving toward perfection seems to be the norm, inspired by the media and its fascination with celebrity and today's "in" look. Quick weight reduction techniques and radical plastic surgery seems to be favored methods for achieving one's ideal appearance goals. Yet not only are these costly procedures, often they still do not achieve one's desires and can even result in irreparable damage, both physically and psychologically. While most everyone wants to look his or her best, there is a deeper component that must be addressed.

Body image is our psychological representation of our physical self. Poor self image is one of a number of symptoms associated with mental health issues. This can lead to a variety of problems such as anxiety, depression, anorexia and bulimia. Negative thoughts can grow to a point where one chooses isolation over social interaction, resulting in a pattern of self-harming behavior - and even thoughts of suicide.

Massage has been recognized as a therapeutic tool to help people become more relaxed and feel better about themselves. Massage therapy by a skilled therapist can help one become relaxed into accepting and being aware of our body shape, releasing whatever negative feelings we may have toward it. As well, massage can build a nurturing and supportive connection with our body. Massage increases circulation, helping to improve skin condition, as well as toning and strengthening muscles. The relaxation of massage will help ease tensions from your body and gradually your self-esteem will improve, releasing a healthy new perception and appreciation of who you are.

Academy Massage invites you to visit our office and discover all that there is to feel good about - yourself.

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