Friday, April 8, 2016

Get Ready to Spring into Spring!

Spring Time Sky - Academy Massage Therapy - Massage Therapist Winnipeg
Another Winnipeg winter has come and gone and we've finally moved into our anticipated Spring season. Once again we can enjoy the outdoors and reacquaint ourselves with activities no longer restricted by snow and frigid temperatures.

With many people, physical activity slows or even becomes dormant during the winter months. Eager to get the jump into Spring, we often move too quickly into an outdoor exercise regime and, ultimately, suffer the consequences, with sprained muscles and aching joints. While it is important to make physical activity a part of our everyday routine, it is prudent to start off slow and work up toward our exercise goal gradually. Simple, non-strenuous exercises are the best bet, such as maybe getting started with a brisk walk. If a more active exercise is your preference, biking is a good way to strengthen muscle tone as is swimming and even water aerobics. Even household chores such as gardening or puttering around the yard provide physical advantages, as does simply climbing the stairs.

Exercise and physical activity benefit every area of your life. Besides improving strength and fitness, it can help manage and prevent diseases including diabetes, heart disease, and even various cancers. It has also been shown to combat stress and feelings of depression and, in fact, heighten your feeling of well-being.

Academy Massage invites you to book an appointment with one of our qualified and licensed therapists to tone up and re-invigorate your muscles so that you can start getting fit for the fun days of Spring.

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