Friday, February 5, 2016

A Valentine's Gift That Shows You Care

Valentine's Day is when the cold and frosty days of winter warm a little as we embrace the love we feel toward that special someone. Flowers, gifts, chocolates and other expressions of sentiments are presented, intimate romantic dinners are shared, and quite often even wedding proposals are made.

Traditions prevail, but perhaps this year you might be looking for another way to show your loved one how much you care, an alternative that is unique and personal, yet practical, with benefits geared toward maintaining health and restoring relaxation.

If that is the case, consider the gift of massage.

Massage therapy offers a variety of physical and emotional advantages beyond soothing stressed and overworked muscles and joints. Massage has been proven to enhance one's mood (which is important given the winter doldrums many people experience at this time of year) through the release of the feel good or "love hormones" called oxytocin. As February has been designated at Heart Month, what better way to take care of your most vital organ than a massage treatment that helps to maintain a healthy blood pressure and keep your heart beating smoothly, reducing stress and anxiety.

To create a special memory, you might choose to share the experience with your partner and indulge in a couple's massage, complete with soothing scented oils.

Massage allows for self-connection, which is important for individuals without partners who feel the need to give care and a little pampering to themselves.

Whatever your preference, Academy Massage invites you to discover the pleasure of our healing touch.

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