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Benefits of Massage When Healing From An Injury

Benefits of Massage When Healing From An Injury - Academy Massage - Massage Therapist Winnipeg
Physical injuries can come upon us suddenly and may result from causes ranging from a serious accident or sporting mishap to a simple sprain or strain from a sudden incorrect movement. Whatever the cause, these injuries can affect each of us in a variety of ways, and may leave us with temporary discomfort or in chronic pain. Severity and symptoms may vary but generally each will require specific treatment, and most effectively a healing geared toward targeting the underlying cause of the injury. Many people upon suffering an injury seek quick relief from their physical distress by popping a pill for immediate - if temporary - relief. But there are other remedies to be considered that go directly to the root cause and do not come with the risk of side-effects often associated with prescribed or over-the-counter medications. One of the most effective and popular procedures is therapeutic massage. The benefits of massage are numerous and go beyond just relieving stiffness and soreness. While massage helps relieve pain in damaged muscles by sending anti-inflammation messages to muscle cells, it also aids in detoxification and stress relief, improved blood and lymph circulation, and even helps to prevent future injuries.

Physical rehabilitation for an injury can be a long, frustrating and even painful procedure. To that end, massage has been shown to be an important supplement to rehabilitation treatment in that it allows the injured area to become more flexible and heal at an accelerated rate. Deep tissue and trigger point massage breaks up the tissues in the muscle to speed healing and reduce discomfort during the rehabilitation process. Massage has even been proven effective in recovering from broken bones, providing relief from stiffness as well as restoring movement and providing relaxation, significantly decreasing or eliminating pain and settling anxiety.
Muscles that have been heavily strained through strenuous exercise or hard physical labour can -  with repeated use - lose their capacity to relax, causing chronically tight muscles and loss of flexibility. This can result in a predisposition to injuries, especially muscle pulls and tears and even decreased blood flow.

By committing to a continual massage program, you can hasten the recovery process after suffering an injury. As well, regular massage for maintenance allows the therapist to focus on key muscle groups and work specific tissues that can help maintain or improve your range of motion and muscle flexibility. Regular massage also allows a therapist the opportunity to locate your particular trouble spots, including those resulting from past injuries, and thus keep an eye on them so they do not develop further problems.

At Academy Massage our professional therapists specialize in the most effectively proven massage treatments, which include Sports InjuryMassage, Swedish Massage, Deep Tissue Massage and Maintenance Sports Massage.  

Our therapists are dedicated to your health and physical well-being and invite you to call or visit our office to discuss our various massage techniques to decide what therapy is right for you and would be most effective to optimize your individual results.

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