Friday, September 26, 2014

Tennis Elbow and the Benefits of Massage Therapy

The most troubling aspect of tennis elbow is that in many cases symptoms do not present themselves immediately; instead the pain gradually increases in severity over about two weeks. Pain or tenderness at the elbow is most often the result of an injury to the tendons and muscles. "Tennis elbow" is a generic term; also called lateral epicondylitis or elbow tendonitis, the affliction can result from a variety of different activities, most commonly affecting those who do heavy lifting or any other action where constant and continuous strain is put on the wrist, hand or forearm. At Academy Massage we employ therapies that have proven effective in both lessening the pain and restoring flexibility in the elbow and arm. Our specialized treatment has yielded excellent results as we use a combination of deep massage to the forearm muscles to stimulate circulation along with friction therapy to the tendon, which diminishes adhesive scar treatment.

At Academy Massage we recommend early treatment for the first signs of elbow soreness or stiffness as our therapy will not only ease the pain but also help prevent the development of further damage to the tendon. 

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