Friday, June 13, 2014

Gardening and Massage Go Hand In Hand

It's springtime rapidly heading into summer and after the frigid, snowy and lengthy winter we all endured where physical activity may have gone into hibernation, people are eager to get right back into the game and begin enjoying the more temperate Winnipeg climate and the pleasures of yard work that go along with it: gardening, planting, trimming and general lawn maintenance. But as with any physical task that we enter into, one must exercise caution and approach each job slowly and prudently, especially when it comes to working muscles that may have been kept pretty much dormant through the November through April months. It is a fact that most sprains and other such injuries occur during the first months of spring when too much is done too fast. Back pain is a common complaint, resulting from too much bending or improper posture while tending to the garden. Muscle strain is another problem, which can occur as the result of pulling a fatigued muscle by performing a sudden and rigorous activity. Quick or heavy lifting or performing an irregular work task can trigger this problem. When muscle strain occurs the symptoms can be debilitating, ranging from a weak or sluggish sensation of the muscle or tendons to severe pain in the affected area or even the inability to use the muscle at all. While prevention is always the best solution to such injuries and suggested measures include establishing a warm-up period prior to engaging in yard work, as well as not trying to do too much all at once, if an injury should develop, deep muscle therapeutic massage provides a hands-on, drug-free therapy that can both alleviate the discomfort and even help prevent future injuries from occurring.

Here at Academy Massage we specialize in treating muscle strain and sprains by utilizing a variety of proven and effective techniques. For nagging muscle spasm our highly-trained therapists employ a simple treatment to bring back the contractility and function of the muscle to normal. Our massage for muscle strain improves flexibility and relaxes the muscle, thereby not only relieving pain and discomfort but also aiding to the overall well-being of the person. Through a practiced technique of squeezing, pressuring and kneading, our therapists work deep to stimulate the internal layers of muscles, tendons and connective tissue which also release toxins from the body. This cleansing helps to both reinvigorate and heal the body. These additional benefits include improving blood circulation and providing increased oxygen to the body's extremities which helps to reduce muscle inflammation. To this end, our therapists highly recommend that you drink plenty of fluids after each session. It is also important that you understand that you may experience some discomfort through our deep pressure massage treatment and that you might experience some muscle soreness and tenderness following the therapy though this will alleviate in a couple of days. We are proud to say that the benefits from our treatments far outweigh the discomforts and so encourage anyone who may be experiencing soreness from the spring clean-up to drop into our office and discover how Academy Massage can help you get a good grip on summer.


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