Friday, May 9, 2014

The Perfect Compliment to an Active Summer

After the brutal, interminably long winter we hearty Manitobans have endured this past season, the prospect of summer and enjoying fun in the sun have already got many of us preparing for those activities we enjoy. Be it cycling or running in the park or engaging in sand and surf frolicking and tournaments, what is a certainty is that many of those muscles that we basically have kept dormant during winter months are once more reactivated with a vigorous passion. In our eagerness to get motivated, we often neglect to prime ourselves physically before embarking on our various activities.

Getting adequate amounts of sunshine and exercise are paramount ingredients in maintaining optimum health. Physical activity has been proven to reduce stress and absorbing rays has now been recognized as a good source of achieving Vitamin D.

Yet despite these benefits, there is a flip-side. Over-exposure to both can lead to dire consequences if proper protocol is not heeded. People have become aware of how too much exposure to the sun's UV rays can potentially result in skin cancer. Just as problematic is the bending, stretching and extending of joints and muscles put to full use during summer activities. Now this is not necessarily limited to leisure events. Even routine chores around the house and yard such as gardening and lawn maintenance can produce physical difficulties and even lead to debilitating injuries.

People want to enjoy the summer months without being hindered by unnecessary pain. Therefore it is highly recommended that massage therapy be considered both as a preventative measure and also to offset the effects of soreness brought about by work or sports injuries.

At Academy Massage, we specialize in massage therapy that is goal-oriented and results-based. Our work is specifically geared to the problem area by implementing treatment methods that include permanent pain relief, injury healing and rehabilitation, correction of soft tissue dysfunction, and increased flexibility and range-of-motion.

The professional massage therapists will apply the proper techniques to muscles and joints that will release tightness,  cramping, spasms and knots. Depending on one's preference a massage therapist can apply either a ‘focused massage’ or an ‘all body massage’. A focused massage allows the massage therapist to concentrate on specific areas where cramps and knots are grouped together. This is typically the case when it comes to sensitive areas like the neck, shoulder and arms. An all body massage helps the body relieve tension and regulate itself. Among the additional benefits are better sleep patterns, and improved alertness.

A professional massage can also help free up the lactic acid that builds up in our muscles from strenuous activities that, if left untreated, can produce toxins in the body that may compromise and cause inflammation to the immune system.

Equally important is to keep hydrated during those hot summer days. Muscles and tissues require plenty of fluids to function properly and to prevent sprains or spasms.

With a long-awaited summer now upon us, now is the time to consider a therapeutic massage session and enjoy the season at your optimal best.

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