Friday, August 9, 2013

Massage: Helping You Get Back in the Swing of Things

Massage is widely known to have many health and wellness benefits, from the lessening of daily stresses to the treatment of sports injuries.  Regular massage treatments can also help increase athletic performance, and ease muscle pain.  As continued patrons of Academy Massage, this is something several of the Winnipeg Blue Bombers can certainly vouch for and appreciate.  For over fifteen years now, Academy Massage has volunteered at the annual Winnipeg Blue Bombers Golf Tournament.  Each year the staff members make themselves available to be present on the course and provide massages to all registered golfers during the tournament.  The tournament will be held this year on Monday, August 26th at the Glendale Golf and Country Club

Although golf is considered a low impact sport, injury is still possible.  Inexperienced golfers are more likely to injure themselves due to improper swing technique, overzealous swinging and lack of muscle strength.  A study conducted by the Harvard Medical School concluded that the most common injury reported by both recreational and professional golfers is to the lower back.  This is due to a number of contributing factors, including the motion of the swing itself and the golfer’s stance; both of these actions put continuous strain on the lower set of vertebrate in the back.  Other sources of lower back injury can be as simple as the repeated bending to pick up clubs and balls or to replace divots and carrying a golf bag rather than using a cart or caddy.  These actions, in combination with the repeated motion of the golfers swing can greatly impact the lumbar spine.

Massage is a vital tool when rehabilitating from a lower back injury, golf related or otherwise.  Massage techniques, such as deep tissue massage are known to be extremely effective in reducing pain and stiffness associated with a lower back injury.  By focusing on realigning the deeper layers of muscles and connective tissue a massage therapist is able to get directly to the source of pain or discomfort and resolve the problem in short period of time.  The combination of slower strokes and deeper pressure associated with deep tissue massage are most beneficial to over-worked areas, like the lower back or sore shoulders and legs.  By utilizing regular massage and a variety of stretches, injured golfers can quickly get back out on the greens. 

Academy Massage provides deep tissue massage and a variety of other massage services.  Our skilled team of massage therapists will work with you to create a customized treatment approach, using a variety of techniques to suit your needs.  We believe that all clients should participate in their well-being and are open to all comments and suggestions, before, during and after treatment.  We offer direct billing for most major insurance companies, including Manitoba Blue Cross, Chambers of Commerce Group and Great West Life.  Our friendly and attentive staff will be more than happy to assist you with any questions or concerns you may have.  Call Academy Massage today to book your post-event sports massage!              

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